My 2018 Sherco 300 two stroke had close to 200 hours on it, and it was time for a top end rebuild. I grabbed a rebuild kit from Sherco a year or two ago in hopes of doing this earlier, but that just didn’t happen. Once we got the top end of the engine apart, we started to find some wear and tear from usage and neglect. What should have been a simple piston, rings, bearings, and gaskets swap out turned into a full blown power valve rebuild. After the power valve actuator function was figured out, and the new parts came in, I was able to get the two stroke top end back together.

Out with the old.
In with the new.

Huge thanks to Sherco of North Texas and Highland Cycles their help during this rebuild. I started to get overwhelmed when I realized the power valve and actuator were as broken as they were. Having an entire week off of work was also a huge help, as I didn’t feel pressure to have the Sherco back together as soon as possible.

This process taught me a lot about myself and my mechanical ability. I also felt much more in-tune with my dirt bike while riding it after the bike was running again. I challenge you to take one more than you would normally take on when it comes to dirt bike maintenance. And then let us know how it goes and what you learned about your bike and yourself.

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