The 2024 Sandwinder Sprint Enduro was the second race of the TSCEC schedule, and it was a glorious day on a dirt bike! The McMahan Ranch in Smithville, TX is the backdrop for this legendary enduro. Somehow this property in southern Texas has just a bit of everything an enduro racer would want (if only Texas had mountains).

This enduro has evolved a bit over the years it’s taken place on the McMahan Ranch. I raced here in 2018 when it was a restart enduro. I also believe I remember more miles of trails that we raced on. But just as life evolves, so do the races and the properties we congregate on.

The Benefit of Sprint Enduros

As rural areas continue to become suburban sprawl, we’ll have less land to ride on. Sprint Enduros allow for more miles to be raced with less land to do it on. Though I don’t enjoy riding the same trail over and over again, racing dirt bikes is still racing dirt bikes.

Sprint Enduros also keep racers closer to their vehicles or base camp. This allows for easier access to tools, hydration, nutrition, gas, and high-fives from the family. Anything can, and typically will, go wrong while racing, and having the ability to make a quick adjustment between test sections can be helpful for a fruitful day of racing.

The Disadvantage of Sprint Enduros

The first disadvantage is the other side of the coin of one of the benefits. Riding the same trail over and over again during a Sprint Enduro will wear the trail out quicker. As we have hopes of gaining access to more public lands, we need to show we can maintain a riding area. The single track ridden during a Sprint Enduro gets absolutely hammered due to the compound use from multiple laps of multiple classes on the day.

Sprint Enduros also take away the attrition aspect of a traditional Enduro. Enduros are based on endurance, and attrition should be kept a part of the sport of enduro. Transfer sections, between each test section, do not need to be short. They are a means to an end, getting racers to the next test section, so racers can showcase their prowess in the specific test terrain.

Where Do Enduros Go From Here?

We’ll have to fight more for land use and endurance enduros. Sprint Enduros are easier on everyone, from the promoter to the racer, but easy keeps us comfortable. If we’re always looking for the easy way out, we’re holding ourselves back from the growth that happens when we push ourselves into the unknown.

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Model showing front of Keep Endurance in Enduro shirt

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