I’ve been wearing the Leatt X-Frame Hybrid Knee Brace for almost two years and it’s time to give y’all my thoughts. I’ve used it for enduro racing, single track riding, and hard enduro practice. It’s held up to the abuse and the crashes, all while keeping my knees intact.

The X-Frame Hybrid Knee Brace is light, and that’s because of the Injected Carbon Composite. Those are science terms, which means I don’t fully know what they mean. They are light, that much I do know.

The asymmetrical hinges worked great for me so I could still have bike feel and bike control when pinching the bike. I believe the slimness of the brace helps with this as well, and that slim form factor is thanks to the separated patella cup protection. That patella cup protection is a CE certified impact protector that’s kept in the knee brace sleeve. It has kept my knee protected in all the crashes you’ve seen me go through!

The X-Frame Hybrid Knee Brace is adjustable with inner hinge pads and hyper extension limitation pieces you can swap out to fine-tune your knee brace fit. I kept the 5 degree limiter and used different sizes on the hinge pads to create a snug fit around my knee.

$500 for a pair of knee braces isn’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than surgery. Heck, it may even be cheaper than your insurance deductible if you have to have surgery. If you’re looking to upgrade your knee braces, or get your first pair, I believe the Leatt X-Frame Hybrid Knee Brace is a heck of a great option!

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