The White Rock Enduro was exactly what I was looking for in a technical enduro. The roads were dusty, but the rocks and roots in the trail were still slick as all get out.

I was on row 28 again, this time following Dylan Souther from Colorado. We went back and forth all day. When it got tight, I would catch and pass him. The other times, he would either out ride me, or I would crash myself into oblivion.

Letting your dirt bike dance across the slick rocks and roots of the Arkansas Ozarks is a majestic skill. When Brandon and Dale from Row 29 would pass me, their bikes would be bouncing all over the place. They would still find a way, the second their rear tire would touch ground again, to get on the pipe so they could create forward momentum. It sucked to get passed, but it was damn fun to watch and tag along for as long as I could.

As a first timer to the White Rock Enduro, I had heard a lot of “poor arrowing” rumors. Unfortunately, I was plagued by a few of them. Dylan and I discuss a few mishaps while discussing the tests. I believe it comes down to riding the trail pre-race at a race pace by those who don’t have prior knowledge of the section. As well, making sure club members who don’t race are given the knowledge needed before trail work begins on how to properly arrow for all levers of enduro racers.


The Sherco still wasn’t running 100%, though my throttle felt better after replacing the plastic throttle cable lock; It still won’t “open up”. I’m actually going to look into the clutch again. I put new Tusk plates and fibers in. I’m wondering if they’re not ‘engaging’ all the way, keeping the bike from spinning up as it should. I have some new stock Sherco plates and fibers I’m going to put in and see how the bike performs. From there, we’ll keep problem solving if we need too.

Run Time on the Sherco at the 2024 White Rock Enduro was 4:28 & the miles were at 67.6. I was 12th Overall and 4th in the 40A Class. Fast old dudes, I LOVE IT!


My GoPro crapped out on me. I tried doing a factory reset out on the trail, but to no avail. I noticed that Dylan had a GoPro Chesty on. He was down to let me use his footage, and I wanted to collaborate on a race recap with him. Let me know what y’all think about this “podcast version” of a race recap. I think it came out pretty darn good for thinking quick on our feet.

P.S. I don’t know that I want to race this event when it’s wet and/or raining. I probably should though, so I can find a way to overcome the fear of having to attempt a few hillclimbs more than once.

Tip: Gummy trail tire next time for sure!


The podcast with Dylan has a TON more information from the event in it. Give it a listen to round out your enjoyment of our White Rock Enduro adventure.

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