Introducing the Utility Can Caddy! The UCC enhances your traditional 5 gallon utility jug, turning it into your go-to bag to grab when you’re loading up to get seat time.

It can hold a lot!

The Utility Can Caddy solved a problem for me as an enduro racer. When you race enduros, you typically need to put your fuel jug on a trailer so it can be taken to the fuel stop. The majority of my life, I have wrapped small bags around the can, or just duct taped grocery bags to hold my food and water in. Two years ago, I was following this same process in Colorado at the Shady Burro Enduro. When I got to the fuel stop, my grocery bag was torn and half my stuff was missing. I wasn’t happy because I knew I needed to be as fueled as I could be to finish the Burro.

2021 Shady Burro Enduro

It wasn’t until the 14 hour drive home that I had the idea on how to solve this problem of losing necessary food and accessories to failing bags and duct tape. I reached out to Adam from Dmada Creative and the prototyping process began. From there we iterated until we were about 75% of the way there. A few more iterations and prototypes after finding a manufacturer and we’re right here, right now.

An Early UCC Prototype

After using the UCC over the past 1.5 years, I realized it could help more than just racers. It keeps me organized for riding days, keeping all my oils, accessories, and extras in one place for a quick grab. I know it’ll make your riding days better because you’ll be less stressed due to being Organized AF!

The Utility Can Caddy slips onto your 5 gallon utility jug, and the “overall” straps strap across the shoulder of your can. After some fine-tuning to tighten down the shoulder straps, you’re ready to stuff up the three large pockets and leverage the MOLLE panel.

Utility Can Caddy Shoulder Straps

The pockets are pretty damn big, 10″w x 12″h x 3.5″d. I sized them tall enough to fit our traditional aerosol sized spray cans, allowing for the pocket cover to velcro tight to keep everything inside when filling up your bike or utility vehicle. On race days, I use the pockets for small spare parts and tools, my hydration and nutrition so I can stay fueled, and extra goggles and gloves.

The UCC Pockets are HUGE!

The MOLLE [Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment] panel allows for expansion of what you carry in whatever way you carry. The webbing is sized for PALS [Pouch Attachment Ladder System] specifications, allowing all MOLLE straps to tightly secure whatever you choose. My go-to so far has been my Trailbound Bar Bag for small nutrition bits, and a MOLLE specific med-kit. After my chainsaw incident with Highland Cycles, we all know I need to carry some first aid supplies.

The velcro on the PALS straps started out as a fun way to allow for patches and personalization. As an enduro racer, I saw a new opportunity in a way to label your row number for the fuel trailer. If you have a few utility cans, which might be for two-strokes and four strokes, you can use these velcro labels to mark your respective fuel mix.

The pre-order is open and the price of the UCC is 25% off until the UCC is in my hands, which is tentatively the end of October. At that point, early bird pricing will be over and we’ll start shipping pre-orders.

Thanks for reading! The Utility Can Caddy is the culmination of two years of hard work, tacked onto my 40+ years of racing and riding dirt bikes. I truly hope the UCC makes your ride days easier, so you can stay focused on #GettingSeattime and stay #STOKED on Two Wheels!

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