Ricky Russell and I first got to hang out WAYYY back in 2013 at the Big Sky XC National Championship. Crazy reminder that I’ve been doing this for A LONG TIME!

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Ricky grew up in the Pacific North West, and I REALLY want to ride my dirt bike there one day. It sounds like he’s down for a guided tour. Let’s see if we can talk him into it.

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As a professional racer, he’s not extremely picky, but he does have some small adjustments that make his bike his setup. He also recommends not flipping your YZ450F upside. Solid advice if you ask me.

Nutrition on race day, and leading up to it, is being talked about more and more by dirt bike racers and I’m here for it. This was a great rabbit hole for Ricky and I go down. Being properly fueled isn’t as simple as grabbing the closest supplement and hoping for the best. Every riders body is different, and you have to figure out what works best for you. Hopefully you took away some nutrition nuggets, and that you want to ask more questions.

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