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Jordan Ashburn, your 2022 GNCC National Bike Champion, is our guest for the June episode of the Seat Time Podcast. We set the timing up for this interview right before the John Penton GNCC. As luck would have it, Ashburn was the winner of the Penton, and the seventh winner over seven races so far during the 2023 GNCC Season; Pretty Wild! We had to dive into what the 2023 Penton race and win was like, but there were so many other topics to chat about with Jordan. 

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Since Jordan Ashburn has competed in so many Hard Enduros, we had to have the Two Stroke vs Four Stroke discussion. That led us into the electric dirt bike discussion, and where we think the sport could be headed as more electric motorcycles hit the market. As I have been doing a lot lately, I asked him about his mindset when it comes to racing. That was a fun rabbit hole. Once the bike setup topic came up, we learned Ashburn enjoys a fairly stock bike, keeping aftermarket parts to a minimum. There were also many more tidbits for everyone to take away.

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