Motorcycle Tie-down System Update

Bolt It On, the company who makes the motorcycle tie-down system I’ve been using in the Moto Van, has released their Bicycle / Dirt Bike Pro Wheel Chock. This wheel chock is equipped with an arm that allows you to safely carry your mountain bikes and road bikes without straps attached to the bike!

In this video I show you how easy it is to add the pro wheel chock to your bolt it on system so you can quickly get on the road to adventure. I also show you how you can place your bicycles in either direction for safe hauling to races, rides or week long trips.

More from Bolt It On:
Pro Wheel Chock:

The goal is to have the Moto Van done by the summer of 2020. I’m pretty darn close, I just need to get off my butt! Make sure you ask questions if you have them, leave comments for the community and enjoy your time riding dirt bikes, and mountain bikes. Thanks for a fun 2019. See y’all in 2020!

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