The bar end wedge bolts I’ve been using have failed me for the last ride! The time for threaded bar end inserts in my Astra handlebars has arrived.

I chose the BRP threaded bar end insert kit for this adventure in cutting metal. There are a few different kits, some that come with a tap, and some without. I didn’t think I had a 5/8-11 tap lying around, so I got the entire kit. Turns out I did have a tap lying around. That must have been from back in the day when I threaded my handlebars on one of my KTM’s.

The process of tapping threads in the handlebar turned out to be simple. I used WD-40 as a tapping lube and I went slow. I would thread in the tap in a little, back it out, blow out the shavings, and add a tad more lube. The BRP bar end inserts are two different lengths. The one for the throttle side is the longer of the two inserts. Once you have enough threads for the plug to seat just inside the edge of the handlebar, then clean everything up. Use red loctite on the insert, but not on the bolt for the bar end or barkbuster. Make sure you bottom out the insert so it can’t vibrate it’s way loose.

As I mentioned in the video, I’m using the G-RIP bar ends. I started using them in 2022 and I really like the bar end protection they have been giving me. Especially since I crash so much. You can use this bar end insert kits for barkbuster/handguards as well. I believe this method, over the wedge bolts, will be more secure in the long run.

Hopefully I was able to educate y’all just a little. If not, maybe I entertained you. Leave comments and ask questions, but most importantly, enjoy #GettingSeattime! 🤘🏻🤙🏻⚡️

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