The dirt bike stand is a must have for most bike repair work. Now that I’m arranging a new garage, I wanted to build my own mobile dirt bike stands for better organization. This is that diy build.

I first saw these wooden bike stands on the Enduro Builds instagram page. I thought they were awesome then, but it didn’t dawn on me to utilize them until we were in a new house. Now that I am needing to fit a few different sports, and tools, in one two car garage, I needed to rethink how I organized said garage.

The Seat Time Garage is ready for a workbench!

The build itself is pretty straight forward. The hard part for me was figuring out the length and angles of the legs for the bike stand. I tried REALLY hard to rethink through some geometry from years past, and I ALMOST got there! I did make a few small mistakes, which I think I see the error now. I’d still love to get your thoughts on how to improve the idea of these mobile wooden dirt bike stand.

DIY Rolling Dirt Bike Stand – Version 1

Now that I have a dirt bike stand with casters, I can start on the other aspects of the garage build out. I’ve got a workbench in mind, with some pegboard and cabinets. Then we can really put our tools away and start working on the bikes again. Which mean I’ll be able to start riding again!

First attempt under the 65. Final for Version 1 under the Sherco.

As always, pass along your thoughts! It was fun to have a small woodworking project again. What else could I build to help organize the garage?

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