We’ll see if these Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs are as “near indestructible” as they say! The footpegs are installed on the Sherco and we’re ready to enjoy #GettingSeattime.

The Fastway EVO4 Footpeg Installation was pretty simple. Remove the old pegs, press the fit collars into the EVO4’s (standard or low), attach the proper footpeg spring, press the footpeg pin through the frame/peg, mount the Fastway camber bolts, and then screw in your cleats. WOW, that’s actually more than I thought it would be. In the long run, the process is still simple.

The Fastway Camber Bolts and Cleat systems are pretty slick. The chamber bolts let you pitch the footpegs in toward the motorcycle. I haven’t played with this yet, but my assumption is that this will help you pinch the motorcycle better. As for the different cleats, the F7 cleats are SHARP and work great at keeping the boot stuck to the peg. The stock F3 cleats allow you to have more adjustment on how your boots mate to the footpeg. As for now though, the F7’s are what I’m going to ride with.

Fastway doesn’t only make footpegs, they also manufacture a ton of dirt bike & two-wheeled accessories for our powersport toys. We installed the Fastway Kickstand on Liam’s KTM 65 because a motocross bike triangle is ridiculous for a woods rider.

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