Maybe this is a Dirt Bike Coaching video or maybe I’m over thinking it, regardless, I hope my breakdown and points of performance help you become a better dirt bike rider/racer.

I’ve talked about skills practice versus training before. To get better as a dirt bike rider, you need to take the time to work on the skills and techniques that are required once you start to learn how to carry more speed. Call it enduro training, dirt bike corning techniques or practice progression, all of it is important. Let me know if there are other subjects you’d like me to talk about.

Mike Lafferty, 8-time National Enduro Champion, still knows how to ride a dirt bike. Though he announced his retirement from professional racing at the end of 2013, he continues to shred the single track with the best offroad racers.

The picture of Mike Lafferty utilized in this video was taken at the 2020 Greenbrier Enduro by motorcycle photographer Art Peppin (Offroad Paparazzi). When Art posted a few pictures, this picture of Lafferty immediately drew my attention. Everything about Lafferty’s body position is one for the record books. He’s in so much control of his KTM in a turn where most other riders were sitting down and letting the bike control them.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, leave them in the comments on the video. I’ll reply to the ones I have answers for and I’ll get others to respond to the ones I don’t.

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