As I was watching footage from the 2020 Revlimiter Extreme Enduro, I realized there was a lot we could all learn from the way Cody Webb rode the hard enduro course. There are a lot of riders who believe Cody Webb is an anomaly, someone who was primed to be the rider he is today. I’m here to tell you he is just like us, he rides the same course we do. He has just put in the work it takes to be one of the best hard enduro riders in the world. Here’s how you can try to do the same.

Line Choice

Line choice is the number one reason a rider like Cody Webb is more effective as a racer during an extreme enduro. He doesn’t just choose the easiest line, he chooses the line that will not be a bottle neck once riders start to clog up an obstacle.

Body Position

Setup for an obstacle is the second thing Cody Webb does extremely well during a hard enduro race. He sets up for his line as far in advance as he can before the obstacle on course. The earlier you can set up your body and bike for riding over an obstacle, the easier it will be to ride over said obstacle.

Carrying Momentum

The last thing to talk about with Cody Webb is momentum. Momentum while riding is an extension of body position, but it is still its own skillset to practice. Carrying the correct speed to ride up, and over, an obstacle comes from awareness of body position so you understand the correct pace needed to traverse an obstacle.

I hope you enjoyed a quick dive into some of the technique Cody Webb showcases as he races his way to the podium. Remember that Cody Webb rides the same course we do, he just sees it differently. We need to work on our ability to see the course the way he does, but also practice our technique so we can ride more like he does.

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