Though a missing adapter got us started a bit behind schedule, the content more than made up for it! Not only did Coach Seiji bring a ton of knowledge to us about staying motivated throughout the Winter, we also dove into cross training, heart rate monitors and some more supplement discussion. We can’t thank him enough for his time, his wisdom and for hanging out with us ‘woods’ guys.

We’ve had a lot of developments with teams announcing riders, riders announcing brands and shuffling of the Series deck. The next few weeks will be a great way for all to prep for the upcoming year. Reach out and let us know who you’d like us to have on the show and we’ll make it happen. Thanks for tuning in and enjoying a Pint Full of Awesome with us!

Reminder about the Pint Full Of Awesome Award brought to you by FLY Racing. Submit pictures, videos and stories for the competition by using the hashtag #PintFullOfAwesome. We will announce a weekly winner of some sweet FLY Racing swag every Tuesday night on during the show! Go get social and make this fun.

We’ll be back next Tuesday night at 8pm CST with another great episode. Remember to tune in, keep informed and go ride.

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Seat Time Episode 112 with Coach Seiji