While at the Hardwood Hills Enduro, I decided to let the air out of my forks between test sections. I moved too quickly and cross threaded the air bleed screw. Here’s how I fixed it.


During the break between tests, the left bleed screw went as expected, quick and painless. The right bleed screw decided to get lightly cross threaded. Since I needed to be back on the line for the start of the next test section, I was admittedly moving too quickly. As I began to assess the situation, I could try and get the bleed screw threaded correctly, to mash it in there and worry about it later. For whatever reason, I went with the latter, mashing the cross threaded air bleed screw into the top cap.

To try and fix the threads, I was going to remove the preload adjuster so I could come up from the bottom. I couldn’t get the preload adjuster removed from the top cap, so I quickly pivoted. I used the M4x0.7 thread tap I bought to fix the threads from the top of the cap. I looked for a M4x0.7 thread chaser, but the internet failed me (for the first time).

All in all, fixing the threads on the bleed port hasn’t seemed to be an issue. What I did that day in the garage has been holding up. I now know I need to choose better moments in time to bleed the air from my forks so I’m not rushing to get the bleed screws back in the forks.

If you know how to get the preload adjuster off the top cap, let me know in the comments. If you have a better way to tackle this issue if it arises for others, put that in the comments as well. Enjoy #GettingSeattime & Stay #Stoked! 🤘🏻🤙🏻⚡️

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