The Adventure Wagon Auxiliary Battery Kit is installed, the 12v BlueSea fuse box is attached and the Fantastic Fan electrical is hooked up! WEEKEND WIN!!!

Costco was selling the GC2 Batteries for $93.99, so with tax and all the extra #’s, they were around $230. I installed them into the Adventure Wagon Auxiliary battery tray, which sits in the engine compartment where the Sprinter OEM battery kit would sit. 

After the two 6v batteries were inline, I had to install the Blue Sea fuse block and BusBar under the drivers seat. After seeing this in the space it’s in, I don’t like it and will plan to change it up when I find the Inverter/Charger I want to use. It’s a bit of rework, but it’ll be better in the long run to have everything more accessible.

Running the 18 gauge wire wasn’t too bad, but I did have to get creative in a few spots. I don’t like that there isn’t any consistency in the color of the wires for the vehicle versus the 12v accessories. 

The fan works and Liam and I are that much closer to having a wicked Moto Van. Next up is the floor. I have ordered the L-Track and I already have the Thinsulate Insulation to go under the plywood. I’ve been looking at small coin TPO flooring to glue to the plywood. Traction and durability, things we all need in our lives.

Thanks again for following along. Please leave questions, comments or concerns in the comments so I can make the best moto van possible!

Here are all the parts I’m using from Amazon as the Moto Van comes to life: