2007 Dodge Sprinter Van Conversion

We have had this 2007 Dodge Sprinter since 2007. Pretty crazy eh?!?! It’s time to take 11 years of grim off the floor and walls and remake our moto van into a better camping van for Liam and Woody’s future adventures!

When Papa Pierce purchased this Dodge Sprinter, there were very few Sprinter Conversion vans around in the world as we see them today. Not only did this van need a good cleaning, but it also need a heck of an update. This timelapse of deep cleaning the sprinter gives some insight in to what we’ll be adding and how we’ll do it!

Is this the dirtiest sprinter van you’ve ever seen? We know it looked like hoarders lived in it, but it was really 11 years of dirt bike mud and one week of Woody’s children.

We have all our Moto Van Build videos in one spot if you’re interested in following along with the process!

We’ll have an Amazon list of all the parts we add, so give it a gander and pass along your thoughts on our choices: https://amzn.to/2LRY4pX

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