Before you decide which pipe guard to buy for your two stroke, you need to decide if you should even run a two stroke pipe guard. Today we’ll help you make the “should I run a pipe guard” decision. Regardless of running a pipe guard or not, you’re going to have to fix pipe dents. We’ll talk about the common two stroke pipe dent fixes as well.

Two Stroke Pipe Shape

The exhaust on your two stroke has been shaped, tuned, and perfected over the many years these throttle twisting machines have existed. We need to do our best to keep the exhaust pipe shape intact for the best performance possible. The best way to do that is to not bash it into any obstacles. The second best way to protect your two stroke exhaust pipe is with a pipe guard. 

Your options for pipe guards aren’t that simple though. There are carbon pipe guards, aluminum pipe guards, steel pipe guards and plastic pipe guards. Some manufacturers even make pipe guard, skid plate combos that are intimidating and extensive. Which pipe guard do you choose?

Fixing a Two Stroke Pipe

Once you have taken on a few Hard Enduro obstacles, pipe guard or not, you’ll have to know how to fix the pipe dents you’ll accumulate. Blowing out the pipe dents with air and a torch is sketchy. Using a HydraForce blow out kit looks like the way to go, but not if you only need to do it once or twice a year. Bringing your dented pipe to your local dealer is a great option. Lastly, you could ship a damaged pipe to a few different online dirt bike pipe repair companies.

The goal here at Seat Time is to educate and entertain viewers with dirt bike related content. Let us know if we’re doing that or not! If you have a method for fixing a dirt bike pipe dent that we didn’t talk about, type that bad boy into the comments.

If we don’t get a chance to see you on the trail, we’ll see you on the internet. Enjoy #GettingSeattime and tag us in your riding adventures!

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