I’m ELECTRIFIED by these Electric Kids Dirt Bikes!

Our riding family is growing, and to help support our little riders, we brought two Torrot Electric Kids Motorcycles into the garage. Norah, now 8 year old, is on the Torrot Motocross One. While Liam, currently 9 years old, is on the Torrot Motocross Two. The electric kids dirt bike market is just starting to take off, and now that I’ve seen how my kids react to these bikes, I’m excited to watch electric motorcycles bring in an entirely new group of parents and riders.

How We Got here

Norah was hesitant to ride Liam’s old PW50 when I knew she was capable, so I had her riding a Stacyc 16″ for the past year and a half. Even after that much time balancing and twisting a throttle, she wouldn’t ride the PW50. I decided to test a theory that she was just more comfortable on an electric bike, and so far that theory is proving true. She has flourished on the Torrot MX One. She jumps on the bike and rides herself dizzy in circles, only taking a break for food and water, or to play in the dirt. Now that I’ve seen how well she transitioned to the Torrot from the Stacyc, I believe these are the perfect next step for young riders after they have outgrown their Stacyc.

Liam is in that weird spot where he needs to be riding his KTM 65 more, but he’s not thrilled with learning how to use a clutch. The Torrot MX Two, even though a bit smaller than his 65 two stroke, is giving him a bigger dirt bike to ride than the PW80 he was on. The confidence he is gaining riding at higher speeds is necessary as he continues to grow and ride bigger, more powerful, dirt bikes. Now that I’ve seen him riding it for the past four months, I wish the MX Two was the same size as other 65cc bikes on the market. It seems to fit right in-between the 50cc and the 65cc bikes. As the electric kids dirt bike market grows, this might be a misstep. We’ll have to wait and see.

The KTM SX-E5, the Husqvarna EE 5, and the GASGAS MC-E 5 look to be electric kids race dirt bikes. The Torrot MX One and MX Two, along with the introduction of the Honda CRF-E2, look to be bikes targeted at non-racers. The price point is a good bit lower than the Austrian brands, but they also look to be higher quality than the Chinese Electric Motorcycles. For the bigger kids, Stark Future has recently introduced the VARG, which looks to pick up, and expand, where Alta Motors stopped.

Where Electric Kids Motorcycles Are Headed

The future isn’t here yet, but the electric motorcycle market is growing quickly. Regulating the rules around racing will be important, and so will the ecosystem to support these bikes. The technology will move fast, and that will be hard for some. The powersports industry doesn’t move fast, and they are typically wary to quick change. Hopefully no one gets left in the dust created by these new bikes and new technology. 

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