L-Track Motorcycle Wheel Chock | Moto Van Conversion

If you have been watching our YouTube videos, you know we have been working on our Moto Van Conversion. It started with a Deep Cleaning, moved to the electrical system and now we’re installing the floor. I wanted to use L-Track as a means to quickly install/remove wheel chocks for the bikes. I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a motorcycle L-Track wheel chock, so I decided to try my hand at making my own.

To connect to the L-Track, I am using the double stud l-track fitting. These are a bit expensive, but for the weight of the bikes, I thought this was a good mounting option. The wheel chock is a cheap one from Amazon, I plan to redo this with a better chock for more security. The bolts, nylon washers and steel plate came from Home Depot. After that, it was figuring it out.

The L-Track Wheel Chock conversation started on Instagram.

instagram screenshot of l-track wheel chock
Second screenshot of wheel chock on instagram
Screenshot of Instagram using double stud l-track fitting
last instagram screesnhot of double stud l-track fitting with wheel chock

Let’s make a video.

After getting ideas from Instagram and Facebook comments, it was time to see what I could create, as well as make a video of the process. Bending the steel on the vice worked, but it isn’t the cleaned outcome. Do you have some better ideas?

When it comes to drilling the holes in the steel, I should of pulled out my drill press. I got lazy and used my hand drill. Even though I used a punch to make a start mark for the drill, it still walked a little bit.

wheel chock upside down showcasing misaligned holes

Upon first attempt, I learned the hard way that the holes drilled at the manufacture weren’t square. I initially thought I was SOL, but I decided to see what would happen if I drilled out a hole to try and square them up. Though it’s not pretty, it worked.

I remade the piece of steel, adding more length to the sides and depth so it fit closer to the L-Track, and between the studs. I then realized the bolts I got were too long. Back to Home Depot for bolts that weren’t as long.

double stud l-track fittings with bent steel plate for moutning

Once I got everything in the right length or sized correctly, it all fit together quite well. Better yet, it actually worked!

Front View for finished wheel chock
side view of finished wheel chock

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

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