Even though Josh Demuth is not a native Texan, he has easily been adopted by the Texas Motocross family and has quickly become a house-hold name. He is nicknamed Sheriff; when asked why, his response is ‘Why Not?’. Demuth is a three-time Arenacross Champion – a straight forward dude, covered in tattoos, with almost as many broken bones and surgeries as Evil Knievel! To say life has been easy on Demuth would be a flat out lie. He has walked out of more hospitals than Obamacare will shut down and will probably ride till the day he dies.

Knowing that he was beaten up and tired, Josh retired from racing in December of 2011. He wanted to spend time with his family, relax and just enjoy life a bit more. Unfortunately, his bad luck didn’t retire with his racing career. In May of 2012 he had a horrific crash that resulted in the loss of his right leg just below the knee. He still has to have surgery to fix multiple foot and shoulder issues. He has learned how to laugh about his new nub and even has a few tattoos in mind for it.

Sitting down with Josh was an awesome experience. He is just as fun to hang out with as you would expect. Hope you enjoyed this look into the life of Josh Demuth, aka Sheriff, and his determination to enjoy life to the fullest despite the many struggles he has been through. Just wish his moustache wasn’t quite so creepy…

Josh Demuth interview about losing leg