2017 Zink Ranch National Enduro Recap

The 2017 Zink Ranch Enduro was as epic as ever. Leading up to the event, the John Zink Ranch received 8 inches of rain. The night before the event, the property received another 4 hours of downpour. Racers were pleasantly surprised to see that (most of) the ground was ready for great racing. Congrats to Steward Baylor Jr on his second NEPG win in a row, Grant Baylor followed up in second and Thad Duvall rounded out the podium in third.

Woody was aboard his new 2018 Sherco 300 SE-R. It’s safe to say he was having a great time riding a two stroke again. There are a lot of factors that come into swapping strokes, so he wasn’t as prepared as he would of liked to be. Make sure you subscribe to catch the upcoming Sherco videos as Woody unboxes, makes adjustments and then rides the Sherco for the first time.

One of the highlights of the day was Jake Froman one row behind Woody. The video we put out on Facebook (see below) has been passed around a ton and we think it’s purely thanks to Jake’s great riding and Woody’s commentary. Keep it up Jake Froman, we’re EXTREMELY impressed!

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