With all the interesting power delivery issues I’ve been having on the Sherco 300 two stroke, I decided to look at the reed petals on the VForce 4 Reed Valve. There weren’t any cracks in the reed petals, but there was some light coming through. It was time to replace the reed petals.

I was told by multiple riders that if you hold your reed cage up to the light, you shouldn’t be able ot see light, or at least be able to see even light. I could see a lot of light shining through parts of the reed petals that didn’t look like light should be shinning through. Due to that, I decided it was time to replace the VForce 4 reed petals.

My kit didn’t come with the removal tool that helps you separate the reed valve. I went slow though and got the outer part of the cage apart. The Moto Tassinari VForce4 valve system is pretty trick. It doesn’t have any small parts that could come loose causing catastrophic engine failure.

Overall, I didn’t think the task of replacing the reed petals was a tough task for a rider. As you see, I’m constantly learning new processes, making sure as a rider I understand my dirt bike that much more. I hope that by me sharing my journey of working on my dirt bike helps you roll your sleeves up and get dirty.

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