When I unboxed this Sherco 300, I didn’t think I would be making a review on the bike six years later. Though I would love a newer dirt bike, this two stroke is still going strong and worthy of discussion.

The mantra of this review is the more maintenance you do on your dirt bike, the longer it will last. As you’ll come to find out, I was a poor mechanic, and it came back to bite me, and the bike, at some of the worst times.

The stand out of any Sherco I have ridden is the handling. They turn amazing well, without the need of hacks, or dropping the fork tubes in the triple clamps. The second most appealing component is the low end torque this engine has always produced. It will grunt it’s way through any obstacle; no rekluse ever need be considered.

Back in 2018, there weren’t a lot of after-market parts being produced. Now that Sherco has grown in the american dirt bike market, oem and aftermarket parts are much easier to come by. OEM parts do seem to be a bit more expensive, but I’m guessing that’s due to demand. You can order a lot more Sherco parts on sites like Rocky Mountain ATV, but still not all the small oem parts. Having Sherco parts being included in a microfiche parts order site would make getting parts smoother. There aren’t nearly as many dealers as there are for others brands, so you’re chances of driving to a local Sherco dealer are slim.

The biggest issue I had was the non-waterproof switches. On this bike, there was a power switch that would loose contact, causing the bike to stop running. That switch is no longer included on these bikes. The light switch though still uses a non-waterproof switch. These are offroad dirt bikes, they need to be supplied with robust hardware for the elements.

I am certainly not the fastest A racer, but I’m also not the slowest. Is the older bike holding me back? Maybe a little. But more seat time and more dedicated training would increase speed and fitness more than a newer bike would.

I’m impressed with how well the Sherco has held up considering the conditions it went through with me as the rider, racer, and mechanic. I do believe every rider would enjoy throwing their leg over a Sherco. If you can’t find a local dealer, make some calls and see if you can get a demo day at an upcoming race or event. Regardless of the bike brand you choose, enjoying getting seat time!

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