We’re led to believe that the most expensive dirt bike goggle is the best goggle. After much bro-science led research, and an interview with Charles Castloo, I’m here to tell you goggle fitment isn’t as simple as buying the most expensive moto goggle.

We’re all unique snowflakes, with distinctive head shapes and goofy looking faces. That means that when we put a motorcycle helmet on, the way goggles fit to our face in that helmet is individual to each rider. Goggle manufactures know this, and try to find ways to problem solve for so many variables, but the truth is that each rider has to find the right goggle for their setup.

The way that dirt bike goggles have evolved over the past couple years has also added complexity to this equation. Goggles aren’t made of simple plastic that conform to any face they’re placed on. Outriggers were leveraged to try and help the goggle sit further into the helmet, creating a tighter fit on a rider’s face. Along with outriggers though came quick release latches, pre-formed lens, magnets, and other form functions that have created stiffer goggles. More isn’t always better.

If you want to have a ride free of helmet adjustments and goggle pushing, you’ll need to spend some time testing different goggles. You may even be surprised to find out you don’t need to spend $120 on a pair of googles. If you’ve found a goggle/helmet combo that works for you, please share it below. Your bro-science research may be just what another rider needs to find the perfect goggle fitment.

Listen to the entire interview

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