Another Gnarly Routes Grinduro dirt bike trip ends in another bike failure. This time it wasn’t the suspension on the Sherco or the MCL in my right knee. This time it was a dying FirePower Lithium Battery. To be honest, this battery is fairly long in the tooth, but why did it have to go out after a 5 hour drive to West Texas for a dirt bike adventure?

This is the 7th Edition of the Grinduro Event put on by Cole Kirkpatrick, Russell Bobbitt, Family and Friends in Post, Texas. I’ve spent a long year rehabbing my knee, my shoulders, and what I thought was a well-tuned bike. Recently I have been learning the hard way that dirt bikes need maintenance to stay ready for action. This is the weekend that made me wake up to the fact that I was neglecting my Sherco.

Once I got the new battery in, and realized the starter and bendix were good to go, I knew my two stroke needed to start getting more attention. That’s what brought about the Top End Rebuild. I also have new bearings for the swingarm and shock ready to go in as well. I’m trying to be more proactive with my dirt bike maintenance, instead of reactive to the issues that arise. We all see how this goes here on Seat Time, because I’ll be keeping you in the loop!

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